Friday, August 10, 2012

Gluten Free Sandwich

I buy tapioca bread for making my sandwiches. It's best toasted and perfect for fried pepper sandwiches (fried bell peppers, tomato, lettuce, cheese, a bit of sliced ham, and a little mayo) and last night that is exactly what we had for supper. The slices are small and I was hungry, so I made two, although I normally make just one. Add an ear of fresh sweet corn and a glass of cold iced tea, and it all makes one fabulous gluten free meal.


  1. Maybe I ought to try it. Do you buy it at Wegmans?

  2. Yes, in the gluten free aisle of the Nature's Market section, but it is pricey.

  3. PS. I keep it in the freezer as it doesn't have a very long shelf life.